Geoffrey and Tristin from Florida, U.S.A. searched the Internet for a photographer in Interlaken and discovered me! They were staying at the Victoria Jungfrau hotel for two days and we organized a bridal photo shoot.

Interlaken is a great place to photograph people. The Swiss Alps are spectacular and I had a few places to take them. It was raining on the day but it dampen out enthusiasm. I had a great time with this couple from Florida and we managed to get some good pictures.

We met at lunchtime and I drove them to several locations in the area. Our first stop was a mountainside village called Beatenburg.

We ended the photoshoot with a meal in a typical Swiss restaurant called “Lanterne“. Afterwards I went home and spent several hours working on the images. I delivered the USB stick with the finished images to the hotel at midnight. The next day, they contacted me again wanting some casual pictures.

John truly made our trip to the Swiss Alps special. He was engaged and passionate, and selected the most incredible locations for our wedding photos. His photography is excellent, and we’ve made a friend for life. We highly encourage any one who is looking for a professional photographer in the Bernese Alps-Interlaken area to contact John Wisdom. You will not be disappointed! – Geoff & Tristin.


Bridal photo shoot Interlaken

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