After Wedding Photo Shoot

Get in Touch

I will only correspond with you by e-mails. This gives me the opportunity to print out our correspondence and avoid "double bookings". I cannot accept phone calls.

I have to think about your project. Give you good advice. I can't do it on a cell phone or Skype. I have to check as to whether the cable cars are in operation, etc.

It is impossible for me to give you an accurate weather forecast. The high mountains and large lakes create unpredictable conditions. I like to keep in touch a day before the planned photo shoot by whatsapp or text messages over a cellphone.




• Do you have WhatsApp?

Yes I have WhatsApp but I only give it out on the day before the photo shoot. Before that we will have to correspond with emails. That way I can print out the messages and what we have decided.

I am dealing with several photo shoots and it would be chaos and perhaps some double bookings if I only used WhatsApp.

• Can we set up a time to speak about any options available?

The next step would be for you to look at my website. I have written a page on scenerios for a surprise engagement. For locations, click on the category for surprise engagements on my blog page. This is a good starting point.

• May I have your suggestions ? Where should be the best location for proposal?

Look at my website for ideas. Several locations are closed during the winter months. It's normally best to get some idea of what you would like (ie: lake, river, mountain etc.). We can choose the location a day or two before the event when we have a better idea of the weather conditions.

• How shall I pay you?

Cash please for any job under CHF. 500.- at the end of the photo shoot. We can always visit an ATM. Please let me know when this is not possible.