Interlaken photo tours

Misty Interlaken pictures. It’s March and cold. The sun is trying to break through. These days don’t happen very often! I grabbed my camera and headed to town- I knew where I was going to go. First stop was the river and the ships moored up for the winter. Onwards to Höheweg, the long road that passes through the centre of Interlaken.

Get the best possible opportunities to photograph Interlaken on this small-group photography tour. Stop at several points to photograph beautiful views and pick up some tips on the best techniques.

The tour depends on the time you have available and your budget. We can walk around Interlaken or jump in my car and head for the mountains and lakes. Read more here →

Interlaken photo tours
A walk around the Höhematte, Interlaken on a misty morning in March

Interlaken photo tours
The Höhematte, Interlaken on a misty morning in March
Misty Day in Interlaken, Switzerland
Walk along the river at Interlaken Ost
Interlaken photo tours
Thge ships moored up for the winter that sail around Lake Brienz