Photographer Blausee Kandersteg

I have had several inquiries regarding photographer Blausee. A winter visit to Blausee, near Kandersteg, Switzerland.

I arrived when the sun was shining on the lake. An hour later it had disappeared behind the mountains. It’s a popular place which is probably why they charge an adult CHF. 5.- to visit the park. There is a really nice hotel and restaurant close to the lake. It’s one of the few locations that you can be officially married outside the Swiss Registry Office.

I’m doing a lot of landscape photography at the moment. Discovering new locations for surprise engagements, couples photo shoots, etc. Check out my instagram page at @switzerlandmagic

Photographer Blausee Kandersteg Switzerland
Photographer Blausee Kandersteg Switzerland

Blausee might be a challenge when photographing couples. The natural park is popular with Asian tourists. The few that were there when I visited managed to get in between my camera and the lake taking “selfies”. A little patience was required!

Photographer Blausee Kandersteg Switzerland
Hotel and Restaurant Blausee Kandersteg Switzerland