Photographer in Interlaken during Covid-19

Photographer in Interlaken during Covid-19

Hi everyone,

I hope you are keeping safe!

Latest news is a shutdown in Switzerland from Monday 18th January. It will probably last until the end of February. Schools and ski slopes are staying open.

Restaurants and hotels are closed. Shops are selling food but not non essential items. Petrol stations are open. People are not taking this lock down seriously according to a report on the TV news on the 18th January. Trains are busy with young people. Probably students going to college instead of studying from home.

My office is at home. You can contact me anytime. I recommend an e-mail:

I am some bookings with Swiss people booking me to photograph their weddings in May. I offer a last minute cancellation if it is Covid related. I don’t ask for a deposit.

It is possible for me to offer a photography service outdoors. We shall have to use separate transport to get to the locations.

The ski slopes are open. I don’t want to to use a location that involves using a cable car, furnicular or train. The reason is that the young people out skiing seem to have (in my option) no interest in the Covid-19 distancing rules, etc.

There are some nice places around Interlaken. Easy accessible by bus. Remember that your hotel can give you a “Guest Card” allowing you to use the local buses for free.

In the meantime I am doing a lot of hiking. Also flying my drone (DJI Mavic Mini). I like to combine my hiking with photo location hunting and landscape photography.

Let’s hope the vaccinations help. From what I understand, they will protect people from getting infected and becoming ill. But whether it stops the spreading is unknown.


Photo shoots during Covid-19
Photo shoots during Covid-19
My photo shoots continue in the Jungfrau region. A face mask is necessary when travelling on trains and cable cars. Fortunately it’s not necessary on top of a mountain.