Photographer in Interlaken during Covid-19

Photographer jungfraujoch

Photographer in Interlaken during Covid-19

Hi everyone,

I hope you are keeping safe!

I received my booster vaccination against Covid-19 (Pfizer/BioNTech) in November 2021.

The situation is changing rapidly with the new Omicron strain of Covid. I have had one couple being refused entry to Switzerland. They were coming from Brazil.

I understand that the latest news is that everybody visiting Switzerland must have a PCR test in Switzerland. This is a link to a Swiss news service that does a good job of keeping me up to date with the latest information:

Read the latest on the Covid situation in Switzerland here:

Any agreements made between us can be cancelled if it is because of COVID-19. Neither you or I will be liable for paying any form of compensation. Any deposits will be refunded.

When looking for information remember that Interlaken is in the Canton of Bern. Each Canton has its own regulations.