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*Yes, I agree that my data will be used to contact me and also saved. (You always have the right to ask for the deletion of your data at a later date.)


• Do you have WhatsApp?

Yes I have WhatsApp but I only give it out on the day before the photo shoot. Before that we will have to correspond with emails. That way I can print out the messages and what we have planned.

It's easier for me to send links to websites to help plan your visit.

I normally have 8-10 inquiries a week. Answering questions by e-mail avoids double bookings.

We can use WhatsApp for last minute coordination.

• Surprise engagement help

The first step would be for you to look at my website. I have written a page on scenerios for a surprise engagement. For locations, click on the category for surprise engagements on my blog page. This is a good starting point.

• Where should be the best location for proposal?

Please look at this website for ideas. Several locations are closed during the winter months. Others might be fence off and cattle grazing on them. It's a good idea to give me an idea of what you are looking for (ie: lake, river, mountain etc.). We can choose the location a day or two before the event when we have a better idea of the weather conditions.

I do get a few time wasters asking me lots of questions and pumping me for ideas. Then they don't use me. I have become secretive regarding locations. Thanks fin advance or your understanding.

• How shall I pay you?

I prefer cash for any job under CHF. 500.- paid at the end of the photo shoot. Payment by credit card is also possible using my mobile credit card terminal.

• Can you tell me the typical weather conditions for my visit?

Sorry. It's impossible to predict the weather because of the temperature on top of the high mountains and the cold water in the lakes.

• Do you have a Plan B for bad weather?

Plan B would be to cancel! We can change the days for better weather. It will be your decision to go ahead with the photo shoot or cancel. I can take pictures in the rain.

• Does the location get crowded?

Some locations get busy like the Harder Kulm viewing platform. It also depends on the time of the year. I cannot guarantee that we will be completely alone.

• Do you know any one else that you can recommend? Your prices are reasonable and everyone else wants ridiculous amounts of money that I just don’t have!

I can't recommend anyone else. Every photographer has his or her own style and price! It's best to search on the Internet. Check their collection of photos. Small images on their website usually means poor quality in my opinion. Check to see if they do a lot of photo shoots with couples.

• Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Ich spreche Deutsch, Englisch und Norwegisch


There is no cancellation fee. But beware, a couple told me that another photographer in the region demanded a cancellation fee before they contacted me.