Prices for a casual photo shoot (honeymoon, couples, engagement, families):

Not Weddings because I will have to give you a price based upon the time, location etc.
Please tell me if you are planning a “before the wedding” or “after the wedding” photo shoot with you wearing your wedding clothes. The information is required when finding a location. Unless it’s a “trash the dress” photo shoot. (Some of the locations can be muddy and ruin your wedding clothes.)


Prices and locations 2020.

— One location “Meet You THere” (Surprise Engagement). Up to 10 km from InterlakenI will meet you at the location.  CHF. 190.-.
Duration: up to 1 hour. Perfect for a surprise engagement by Thun lake, Brienz lake, Bönigen, or in Ringgenberg castle/church and Harder Kulm. The price also includes a short photo shoot after the proposal.

— One location up to 15 km from Interlaken (includes pick up at Interlaken Ost railway station and using my car to travel to the location. Return to Interlaken Ost afterwards): CHF. 250.-

— Two locations (includes pick up at Interlaken Ost railway station and using my car to travel to two locations. Return to Interlaken Ost afterwards.): CHF. 300.-
Suggestions: Ringgenberg and Beatenburg. Or Iseltwald and Thun Lake.

— Three locations (includes pick up at Interlaken Ost railway station and using my car to travel to two locations. Return to Interlaken Ost afterwards): CHF. 450.
Suggestions: Ringgenberg and then to Iseltwald on Brienz lake. Afterwards a 20 minute car drive to Beatenburg. Up into the mountain that overlooks Interlaken and Thun lake.

Meeting Point: Interlaken Ost railway station


Other locations

Giessbach Waterfall. Two hour photo shoot at the waterfall and in the surrounding area. I can meet you at the Grand Hotel Giessbach or collect you (and return you) from Interlaken Ost railway station. CHF. 250.-

Grindelwald First. Photo shoot at 7,000 feet. Duration 3 hours. Three locations on Grindelwald First including the Sky Cliff Walk. CHF. 330.-. (Includes my cable car ticket during the winter months.)

Mürren photo shoot. A photo shoot around the village.  CHF. 280.-. (Includes my cable car ticket during the winter months.)

Mürren – Allmendhubel photo shoot. Meet on Allmendhubel above Mürren village. This is only possible when the furnicular railway is in operation.  (Timetable here.) CHF. 290.-. (Includes my cable car ticket during the winter months..)

Wengen photo shoot. Around the alpine village. CHF. 280.- (Includes my train ticket during the winter months.)

Männlichen photo shoot. On the mountain that overlooks Wengen. We have to use the cable car from Wengen to Männlichen. More information on Männlichen here. CHF. 300.- (Includes my train ticket during the winter months.)

Schilthorn -Piz Gloria. Elevation: 9,744 ft. CHF. 500.-. Includes my travel tickets for all the trains and cable cars during the winter months.  Many scenes were filmed at Piz Gloria for the 1969 James Bond 007 film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Piz Gloria is located on top of Schilthorn, a 2,970 metre high summit in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland, above Mürren.

Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe. Elevation: 11,371 ft. Snow all the year! CHF. 790.- Includes my travel tickets for all the trains and cable cars during the winter months. A photo shoot in several locations. It will take us about three hours. I will use a full day with the photo shoot and travelling there and back. Special price if we all travel to the top by helicopter.

Photo shoot at Bachalpsee lake will cost extra because of the two hour hike to and from Grindelwald First cable way: CHF. 500-. NOT AVAILABLE DURING THE WINTER SEASON – Trail CLOSED.

All offers above are for a one hour photo shoot. Minimum of 200 pictures to choose from afterwards. Online (in 24 hours), pin protected gallery. I reserve the right to use some of the pictures for self promotion.


Weddings, civil ceremony, etc.

Civil ceremony in Schloss Interlaken, Harder Kulm and Grand Hotel, Giessbach: CHF. 300.- Up to 2 hours.
Prices for extra hours, half or full day wedding coverage and other special photo shoots upon request.


More information:

All prices are inclusive of everything including my travel costs, editing or post production, sales taxes etc. No hidden extras. Payment in cash please at the end of the photo shoot.

Surprise Engagement
Couples photo shoot
Family photo shoot
Wedding Day photographer
Before or After The Wedding photo shoot
Corporate Event
Fashion and model photo shoot
Guided photo tours and one on one workshops


Surprise engagement

I have written a page about “surprise engagements” with a couple of ideas and prices here: surprise engagements. Sometimes it doesn’t go to plan. It’s easy to cancel my services by sending me an e-mail. I don’t charge cancellation fees, etc.


Couples photo shoot

Ideal for couples who have just got engaged and want a few pictures in spectacular scenery to announce their engagement. I have also photographed couples celebrating 5 and 10 years together. The price will depend on whether you choose one or several locations.

Here is a link to my page about “couples photo shoots


Family photo shoot

A family photo shoot in the Swiss Alps. We can meet in Interlaken, Grindelwald or Mürren. Important to choose a time when young children are active and awake. My page about a family photo shoot is here.


Wedding photographer in Interlaken

I can photograph your official civil wedding in Interlaken or elsewhere in Switzerland. The official wedding (also known as “civil wedding”) or in German: Ziviltrauung takes place in the Schloss Interlaken. They also conduct the ceremony in the restaurant on the Harder Kulm or Grand Hotel, Giessbach once a month.


Before or After the wedding photographer

A wedding can be very hectic with little time for a photo shoot. Bring your wedding clothes on your honeymoon in Switzerland. Wear them for a photo shoot in spectacular scenery. Several couples visit Switzerland from the Far East and book me for a pre wedding photo shoot in the Swiss Alps. My price depends upon the choice of location. Prices for traveling by cable cars will have to be added to my price. I do not organize make up etc. My page on a bridal photo shoot is here.


Corporate Event (conference, exhibition, company party, etc.)

I can photograph your event in the Kursaal, Interlaken or elsewhere in Switzerland. I have also photographed groups visiting the Jungfraujoch.


Outdoor fashion photo shoot

I have the extra equipment for an outdoor fashion shoot in the Swiss Alps. Ideal for sports clothing. Are you interested in modeling and require portfolio? Get in contact for a “time for print” offer.


Photo Tours and One on One assistance

Half (4 hours) or one day (8 hours) guided photo tours where we drive in my car to several locations and let you take the pictures.

“One on One” help and Workshop: Anyone can buy an expensive camera but it doesn’t make that person a good photographer. How to compose a picture is very important. People or landscapes. Photography will become more interesting. You will get a kick out of producing better images. Combine hiking with landscape photography. It’s a great way to keep fit and get outdoors.


General information

We will use my car to travel around at no extra cost. Locations are mountain background, castle, river and lakes close to Interlaken including Harder Kulm. For Grindelwald (First Sky Walk, Bort etc.), Lauterbrunnen; Mürren; Schynige Platte; Giessbach Waterfall, etc. add extra travel costs for cable car, etc.

Special price for Bachalpsee because of the hike with heavy photographic equipment.

Images will be uploaded to a web gallery where you can download them for free. It is PIN protected for security.

I have some editing work which takes about 5 hours for each locaton.

More information for surprise engagements here >>>

It will take us 20 minutes to drive to the mountain location near Interlaken. Longer if you want to go to Mürren, Männlichen (Wengen) or First (Grindelwald). The lakes are closer. There is some walking (5-10 minutes) with all the locations. More information upon request.

Please add CHF. 300.- to all prices if I am not allowed to use your images on my website etc. Family photo shoots are exempt from this additional fee.