I offer a relaxed, fun photo shoot. We can either walk around Interlaken or visit a nearby mountain or lake. It is a nice way to see the area.

I will show the pictures on the display of my camera during the photo shoot. Suggestions are very welcome. I can also take some pictures with your cellphone.

I am British and we will communicate in English. I can also speak German and Norwegian.

An idea of the cost



Up to 1 hour photo shoot

Surprise engagements, couples, family vacations and social events. One location in or close to Interlaken. We will meet at the location. I can send you the information on how to get there.


Up to 3 hours photo shoot

Marriage proposals, couples photo shoot, civil wedding or church ceremony. A before or after the wedding photo shoot. "Trash the dress." Two locations in or close to Interlaken. We use my car.


Up to 8 hours with breaks

We will start after breakfast and finish in the late afternoon. We can visit places like the Jungfraujoch, Schynige Platte or Schilthorn using my car and public transport. I have a half price travel card in Switzerland.


What happens if the weather is bad?

We can change the day for better weather. Perhaps switch locations if clouds are covering the mountain peaks. We will have to make some last minute decisions. I am flexible.

How do I pay you?

Please pay in Swiss francs on the day of the photo shoot. We can finish the photo shoot at an ATM machine. We can make bank transfer arrangements for large payments. Perhaps pay a deposit.

How do we keep in contact?

Normally by e-mail. I monitor e-mails regularly. We can swap cellphone numbers on the day before the photo shoot.

Shall we make a contract?

Not unless you want a contract. We can agree everything by e-mail when my fee is under CHF. 600.-. I will make a contract for weddings, etc.

When will we see the pictures?

I start editing the pictures within 12 hours. I edit 40 pictures per hour. My eyes need a break after 100 pictures. I will edit the pictures in batches (ie.: woods, lake, etc.) and upload each batch to your web gallery. Editing brightness, shadows, color, sharpness, etc.

Where was this picture taken?

It's taken from Tourbillon castle in Sion looking towards the cathedral of Valeria. A great place to visit!. They speak French in Sion.