Product Photo Shoot in Interlaken

I was contacted earlier this month for a two hour lifestyle / fashion photo shoot in Interlaken. We were lucky to use a local boathouse. We were also fortunate with the weather! The stormy weather never arrived.

The knitwear is from a local company:

The models were members of the family.

Interlaken and the Jungfrau region offer spectacular locations for a product photo shoot. There are lakes, mountains, and locations like this boathouse on Lake Brienzersee.

It was a basic photo shoot. They are not professional models.

I have the equipment for an indoor fashion shoot. There are spectacular locations in the mountains or by the lakes and river. We can have a small, low budget or big budget fashion shoot. Maybe a photo shoot in the Swiss historic Grand Hotel, Giessbach.

Perhaps professional models next time like Ana? A make-up artist or stylist? See Ana’s pictures here.

I haven’t done a lot of work on the pictures below. A simple edit. There are different ways to edit a picture when it appears on a computer screen or printed in a magazine. I can give you the image files if you are using a professional or “in house” photo retouching service.

Remember that you add sharpening to your pictures. Or a Vignette. It’s impossible to take them away. Which is why my sharpening is minimal and I don’t add a vignette. My pictures might seem a little dark for the same reason. A reminder that a good, free app from Google is Snapseed

Product Photo Shoot
Product photo shoot in Interlaken, Switzerland with photographer John Wisdom
Product photo shoot in Interlaken, Switzerland
Product photo shoot in Interlaken, Switzerland with Photographer John Wisdom.
Product photo shoot in Interlaken
Knitwear photo shoot with Interlaken photographer John Wisdom
Product Photo Shoot
Interlaken Photographer John Wisdom