Proposing Marriage on Harder Kulm

Proposing marriage on the viewpoint on the Harder Kulm with its spectacular scenery as a background.

Situated 1,322 metres above sea-level, the ramp is part of the Harder Kulm restaurant.
(It is one of three places in the area where you can be officially married – more info →)

It overlooks the towns of Interlaken and Unterseen and the parent mountain range is the Emmental Alps.

Getting up there

You can walk up different  trails to the HarderKulm or use the furnicular railway – the Harderbahn. A return ticket will cost CHF. 32.- per person (at the time of writing). There are 50% discounts available with different travel passes. Also discounts for groups. (Check the latest prices,)

The furnicular railway does not go directly to the restaurant and the viewpoint. There is a 5-10 minute walk – uphill. The steps from the actual furnicular to station are steep. Older people and mothers carrying babies might need assistance.

The Harder Kulm viewpoint

This is a popular tourist point. Travel groups from Asia visit the platform, take a few “selfies” and then return to Interlaken. (15-20 minutes and they are gone!) There are other tourists using the indoor or outdoor restaurants. It doesn’t seem to get crowded like the streets of Venice, Italy. Wait for the right moment.

To propose marriage on Harder Kulm viewpoint will have its limitations. But it is easier for the photographer to blend into the surroundings.


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