Riverside photo shoot

A picturesque riverside photo shoot in the Dolomite mountains. Lauren and Zach get close to the waters edge for some spectacular pictures. The images will look good in their Graphistudio photo album.

Having the ability to create scenes like this doesn’t happen overnight. It comes from looking at others on the Internet or attending a workshop. I’m a learning by doing person and reading a book will quickly send me to sleep. Seeing images like this in a photo album certainly stimulates me.

The location for this photo shoot was in Northern Italy. Close to Ceconi Castle (Castello Ceconi). Its a 7 hour car drive. Not the sort of thing that I shall be doing every weekend! However, there are plenty of spectacular views here in Switzerland. The last picture is of a river location close to where I live. It’s only 10 minutes away from Interlaken, Switzerland.

There is a limit to how far we can travel for a 2 hour photo shoot. I normally go into overtime without charging extra. It’s all about getting a great picture and not making money.

River locations

Riverside photo shoot