Surprise marriage proposal near Lucerne

Surprise marriage proposal near Lucerne featuring Bobby and Summer from Washington DC, U.S.A. The location is in the mountains in front of the Hotel Villa Honegg.

Bobby invited Summer to Brunch at this five star hotel. He also invited me but I never got to eat anything! I was expecting it to be a buffet but it wasn’t. I had to monitor the situation. Bobby and Summer could leave anytime! I only had time for a coffee. Afterwards they went for a stroll in the fields in front of the hotel. I found it difficult to become invisible to Summer. I kept my distance and behind Summer. She never turned around! I was some distance from them when Bobby went down on one knee to propose to Summer.

Surprise marriage proposals are difficult because the photographer never knows what will happen. Fortunately, I have had experience with surprise marriage proposals.

Villa Honegg

The Villa Honegg is situated on the Burgenstock.
A beautiful spot at 914 metres above sea level. Hotel Honegg opened in 1906 with 72 beds. Read more here →

Surprise marriage proposal near Lucerne

Photographer for a surprise marriage proposal at hotel Villa Honegg, Ennetbürgen near Lucerne, Switzerland