A surprise photo shoot on their honeymoon for this young couple from India. It was the bride’s brother who contacted me in the middle of night. (It was early evening in India!)

I was booked for most of the day but it was possible for a short photo shoot before the sun disappeared over the Swiss Alps. We managed two locations. A lake and a river close to Interlaken.

There are some spectacular locations in the area if you know where to look. Please remember that every photographer will see a location differently. It’s not the camera but who is behind the camera.

Incidentally, it wasn’t my idea for Pranav to lift up his wife.


surprise photo shoot
Brienz lake, Switzerland photo shoot with photographer in Interlaken John Wisdom-.
surprise photo shoot
Honeymoon photo shoot with John Wisdom Photographer Interlaken
photographer Interlaken john wisdom
A photo shoot close to Interlaken with a couple on their honeymoon.
photographer interlaken
photographer interlaken for a honeymoon photo shoot