Swiss Wedding

It will be one of the best days of your life. It’s a day filled with emotion, fun and excitement. You’ve been planning your wedding day over several months often with the help of close friends. Choosing a wedding dress, sending out invitations, deciding upon the menu and flowers. Let’s not forget the legal paperwork required for a Swiss wedding. A lot of energy and work has been invested.

It’s a wonderful day that needs to be remembered. A beautiful story captured with pictures reproduced in a handmade photo album which will be passed on to your children and their children.

My aim is to capture the spirit of your wedding day – the mood and feel of everything surrounding your special day. I will look for those special moments that will bring back special memories and hopefully a smile and a tear.

Here is my information about getting married in Switzerland.

Here is an interesting article from an online newspaper. How to have a wonderful wedding in Switzerland