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Getting Married in Switzerland: 2023 Guide for Foreigners.

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On 26 September 2021, Swiss citizens voted in a referendum to allow same-sex marriage.

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International couples receive a legal civil marriage license recognized as binding in their home country. The formal documentation can begin 6 months prior to your desired wedding date. The documents will require a minimum of 3 months to be processed.

Many people plan a civil wedding on Friday with a few friends and a blessing in a church, on a ship, top of a mountain or another location on a Saturday.

The Civil office where the ceremony is conducted in Interlaken is here. Known as “Schloss Interlaken.”.

Other locations in Canton Bern.

There are some “out of the office” or external locations that hold an official wedding ceremony once a month. Places like the Harder Kulm in Interlaken or the Grand Hotel, Giessbach.

Here is a list of external locations for a Civil Wedding in Switzerland.

Translators are normally required for international weddings. It’s a good idea to get married in a large tourist city like Interlaken who have a lot of experience with international weddings.

Save money by not employing a wedding planner. Most large hotels have their own marketing manager and can help you plan everything. Check the local tourist office to see if they can help.

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