Photographer prices in Switzerland

The price will depend upon your project, the time of the year, etc. High season or low or middle season. The cost of a couples photo shoot in Interlaken will not be the same as a wedding in Zürich.

I keep my costs low by not employing an assistant or hiring a studio. Which means that I can offer my services at a very competitive price.

I will work for my travel costs for photographic assignments in Australia or U.S.A. Please contact me for a free quotation →

The photo shoot and the weather

The weather is very unpredictable. At the time of writing the forecast is rain but it’s a beautiful day outside with blue skies and sunshine. But the weather can change in very quickly.
I have to be flexible. I have to be available all day. A photo shoot in the mountains is not good if it is cloudy. Or would you like some drama in your pictures?

Post Production

What is this? More work for me. It is included in the price!
My camera (Nikon D850) shoots pictures in RAW mode. This gives me the opportunity to work on the brightness, contrast and shadows. Remove annoying features. It’s not a quick job. It can take me 1-5 days depending on the number of images.

These will be uploaded to your web gallery. You can share the link with your family and download the pictures (JPG) at no extra cost.

There are no watermarks on the pictures. They will be at least 3,500 pixels along the longest edge.

More information on post production etc. →

Wedding Album – A Photo album is available at extra cost produced in Italy at Graphistudio. This Italian company is the best in the business and works with the best photographers in the world.

You have to see your best pictures in print. It’s much better than on a computer screen. My pictures are big enough to make a picture for the wall or a poster on the side of a bus.

Parent & Engagement Albums – A book produced by Graphistudio. Smaller than your wedding album, it makes an ideal gift for your parents or grandparents.


Graphistudio YOUNG BOOK
Graphistudio YOUNG BOOK