Photographer Prices in Switzerland

Please contact me for a price to photograph your wedding and the editing afterwards.

You get a pin protected web gallery to download your pictures. Free unlimited downloads. Online for 2 months with re-upload upon request. Backup over 2 years.

I will give you all the edited pictures (+300). Not what I choose to be the best 50 etc.

Prices below are for the photo shoot including my travel costs etc. Not for one hour. No hidden charges like taxes. There is nothing extra to pay.

Payment by cash in Swiss Francs please on the day of the photo shoot. Euros if there is a problem. *See ATM note below

Payment by Zello or Venmo is not possible because I do not have a bank account in the U.S.A.

Payment by Western Union in advance to my Swiss bank account is possible. I get the full amount with no deduction of fees etc. BUT it can be expensive! Do the transfer online. Do not visit your local Western Union location. Easily check transfer fees before you send by doing it online. I will send you my details. However, it is always easier to pay in in cash on the day of the photo shoot. Cash is King!

*It is better to withdraw the money on your credit card from an ATM at the Raiffeisen Bank at Interlaken Ost railway station. Google Maps: 46.690413, 7.867972.

Or travel with me to Lauterbrunnen after the photo shoot and visit the ATM. Google maps: 46.59797, 7.90741 – walk through the sliding doors.
Raiffeisen Bank Wengen: Google Maps: 46.60534, 7.92158

Prices for Engagements and couples photo shoot

-Photographer prices in Switzerland-
–Interlaken – Lake Thun It does not include Iseltwald or Harder Kulm

— Interlaken – Harder Kulm

— Iseltwald Pier

— Jungfraujoch

— Schilthorn – Piz Gloria

— Birg – Schilthorn Piz Gloria

— Lauterbrunnen Village

— Lauterbrunnen Valley

— Männlichen & Royal Walk

— Grindelwald First

— Grindelwald Alpine resort

— Bachalpsee Lake

— Mürren

— Giessbach Waterfall

— Zermatt & Matterhorn mountain

— Paris France

Interlaken – Lake Thun: CHF. 300.- for 2 people for 1 hour.

This is the location by Lake Thun with Niesen mountain in the distance. Easily accessible by bus or car.

Interlaken – Harder Kulm – CHF. 350.- for 2 people for up to 1 hour.

The viewing platform on the Harder Kulm.
Elevation: 1,322 m (4,334 ft.).

This location opens late and we can get some nice sunset pictures (weather permitting).
It is popular! An early morning photo shoot is recommend.
I have done photo shoots when it is busy. Patience is required finding some space!
On a busy day:
The price includes my tickets on the Harderbahn railway up and down the mountain.

Iseltwald Pier : CHF. 350.- for 2 people.

Situated on lake Brienz. (Netflix “Crash Landing On You” location).
Early morning photo shoot. It is a popular tourist destination. We can do a photo shoot during the daytime but be prepared to wait before you can use the pier.
It will cost CHF. 5.- per person to use the pier. Read more here.
Three locations in Iseltwald. (About a 10 minute walk from the pier.)
The photo shoot takes between 90 minutes to 2 hours.
I am available from sunrise.

Here is a report from my blog

Lauterbrunnen: CHF. 350.- for 2 people.

We start with the popular location with the church and the valley in the distance. Then a walk to the Waterfall. There is usually a few people waiting to take pictures at the first location. Its not a good location if you want to propose with nobody looking at you. We try to avoid the tourists at the waterfall and get some nice pictures. I will also recommend the Lauterbrunnen Valley if the weather is okay for better views and a quiet location to propose.

Overlooking Lauterbrunnen Valley: CHF. 350.- for 2 people.

We ride on the cog railway from Lauterbrunnen railway station towards Wengen and a spectacular viewpoint of the valley.
Open all year. Your train tickets are not included in the price. People with Swiss Pass travel free from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen and up towards Wengen. We can combine this location with the two locations in Lauterbrunnen.

Here is previous photo shoot.

Männlichen & Royal Walk – CHF. 500.- for 2 people.

On the mountain that overlooks Wengen. You can ride the cable car up from Wengen (stand on the top!) or the new cable car from Grindelwald Terminal. This is a morning or afternoon photo shoot and includes a 25 minute walk uphill (Royal Walk) to the summit (Crown viewpoint). Please remember that I have to carry all my equipment. We are together for about 3 hours. Less if we move faster.

We will stop at at least 3 locations on the way down to the Männlichen-Wengen cable car. Remember it costs an extra CHF. 5.- to ride on the top of the cabin of the cable car.

Männlichen without the walk to the summit (Crown viewpoint) – CHF. 400.-
We can walk a little way up the Royal Walk but not to the top! This area with or without the snow:

Grindelwald Terminal – Männlichen

27. May – 30. June: 08:45 – 16:30
1. July – 20. Aug.: 08:15 – 17:00
21. Aug. – 17. Sept.: 08:45 – 17:00
18. Sept. – 22. Oct: 08:45 – 16:30

Wengen – Männlichen Aerial Cableway
27. May – 30. June: 08:30 – 17:10
1. July – 20. Aug.: 08:10 – 17:10
21. Aug. – 17. Sept.: 08:30 – 17:30
18. Sept. – 22. Oct.: 08:30 – 17:10

More here →

Grindelwald First – CHF. 400.- for 2 people.

Elevation 1,955 m (7,106 ft). On Grindelwald First including the Sky Cliff Walk. Several locations.

Grindelwald Alpine resort to Grindelwald First gondola is in operation from December 16th, 2023 to October 27th, 2024.

Please check operating times as they can change at the last minute or if it is closed because of bad weather.

Grindelwald Alpine resort – CHF. 350.- for 2 people.

We take the bus from the railway station to the road above Grindelwald and walk back down. Lovely panoramic views.
Remember your Grindelwald Guest card from your hotel. I am not certain but I think it gives you free travel on the bus. Ask the hotel reception.

Bachalpsee Lake – CHF. 790.- to photograph 2 people.

Surface elevation: 2,265 m (7,431 ft) altitude. It’s an hour’s walk from the Grindelwald First cable car to the lake. The first 20 minutes is uphill. Then it is uphill and downhill to the lake. It’s a tough hike for anyone not fit. Or for someone like me carrying a backpack with heavy camera equipment!
There are no shops at the lake. Bring your own food and water. This is a very popular location with tourists. We have to get there early!

Please note: The snow covers the lake during the winter months. You cannot see any water.

I require a deposit of CHF. 200.- to cover my expenses if there is a “no show”

The rest of the payment in Swiss Francs on the day of, or before the photo shoot.

Transfer the payment via Western Union to my bank account.
(Other methods of payment have shown a large fee was deducted and I have not received the full amount.)

Photographer prices in Switzerland

Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe – CHF. 690.- for 2 people.

Elevation: 11,371 ft. Snow all the year!

3 locations: Plateau Glacier; Ice Palace and the Sphinx viewing platform.
Quickest way up is with the Eiger Express cable car from Grindelwald Terminal. Connect with the train from Eigergletscher station up to the Jungfraujoch.
The Swiss Pass will only get you to Grindelwald or Wengen. You will need an extra ticket to get to the Jungfraujoch. I believe you get a discount on the extra ticket with Swiss Pass.

Full payment or CHF. 200.- deposit in advance please. Transfer the payment via Western Union.

Here is a surprise engagement on the Jungfraujoch on Christmas Day 2023.

Another engagement on the Jungfraujoch.

Schilthorn – Piz Gloria – CHF. 500.- for 2 people.

The Schilthorn – Piz Gloria is world famous for its 360-degree revolving restaurant and as the film location for the James Bond movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. Elevation: 2970 m – 9744 ft. Spectacular views of more than 200 mountain peaks from the viewing platform.
We shall also stop at Birg on the way down and take some pictures from the viewing platform.

Birg – Schilthorn Piz Gloria – CHF. 450.- for 2 people.

Birg 2677 m . 8783 ft.
Birg is situated on a rock massif, 1000 m above Mürren. Good starting point for great hikes and skiing.
We shall also stop at Mürren on the way down and take some pictures.

My travel tickets are included in the price above.

Mürren – Allmendhubel – CHF. 400.- for 2 people.

We can meet on the Allmendhubel above Mürren village. This is only possible when the furnicular railway is in operation. (Timetable here.)
We can combine it with a walk down the mountain back to Mürren.

Giessbach Waterfall – CHF. 400.- for 2 people.

Giessbach Waterfall and in front of the Swiss historical hotel.
We can meet in Interlaken and travel together to Giessbach.
Parking a car at Giessbach costs CHF. 10.- included in my price.

Zermatt – CHF. 800.- for 2 people.

I have to travel from Interlaken. It will take about 3 hours to get to Zermatt. Travel will take up 6 hours of the day.
I am a little uncertain about weather conditions in Zermatt. The iconic Matterhorn mountain might be covered in cloud and not visible.

Payment in advance please.

Paris France – from CHF. 900.- for 2 people.

A photo shoot with the Eiffel tower in the background (Place du Trocadéro) and a visit to the Louvre. Or your preferences.
Photo shoot will last between 6 – 8 hours with breaks. Early start possible to avoid the crowds at Place du Trocadéro. It is actually better during the evening when there is a nice light before sunset.

Evening photo shoot in Trocadéro Square, Paris, France

Lots of walking or using the Metro and Uber taxi.
We shall have a meeting on the evening before the photo shoot to do some planning.
Two days are possible for CHF. 1,300.-.
The price includes my travel to and from Paris, France and a hotel room.


When possible, I will make a video with my iPhone 15. We can transfer it afterwards if you have an iPhone. There is no extra cost.