Weather App for Switzerland

Weather App for Switzerland

May I remind you not to take the weather forecast from Apple, Google etc. as correct for Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald or anywhere in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland..

The weather is different in mountainous areas.

I use an app from MeteoSwiss which shows a 24 hour weather animation. Here is a link to their website in English.

I prefer a day with clouds. The daylight is softer.

There is also a soft light after it has been raining or just after the sun has gone down.

Harsh sunlight does reflect off the green grass and can create a green cast over the picture.

I check the weather app and the “animator” to find out when there will be a break in the bad weather. The weather radar animator has proven to be reliable.

It’s in English and it is free!

I am often asked about what is the typical weather for the time of the year. It’s impossible to give an accurate reply because of climate change.

Swiss meteo app