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Surprise Engagement

Photographer for an engagement photo shoot in Interlaken, Switzerland. We can visit a lake or castle ruins near Interlaken. A mountain or a lake. Rain or sunshine. I have a lot of experience with surprise engagements. (Nobody wants a photo shoot on a rainy day. However, these days produce a nice soft light for photography.)

I have written a couple of ideas below:

Meet at the location in or near Interlaken

We can meet at the location. I can help with planning and the bus timetable. You can also follow me to the location. For example we meet at Interlaken Ost railway station. You follow me on to the train. Off the train at the other end and up the street to the cable car. On the cable car up to the top where you follow me at a short distance to the location.

I am unknown to your girlfriend. I’m just another tourist taking pictures. I keep my distance until it is time for you to propose. Unfortunately, I have no control over the situation. You might be standing in the wrong place or the background is not spectacular. The sun might be casting shadows on to her face or people could be walking past.

Perhaps suggest to your girlfriend that you ask “that man over there” (me) to take a picture of you both with your camera. I can position you both better with the sun and mountains in the background.


Propose during a photo shoot / guided tour for photography /

Ask your girlfriend to marry you during a couple’s photo shoot / sightseeing tour. We can visit one or more locations depending on your budget. You can give me a signal when you are ready to propose marriage.

TIP: Ask your girlfriend to put on some makeup. She will hate sharing pictures with family and friends if she has no mascara on her face and wearing old clothes.

TIP 2: Avoid wearing white clothes if the photo shoot is in the snow. A little difficult if the engagement is a surprise.

I have met some nervous men during these “surprise engagement” photo shoots. Please check that I am ready!! So far, good – experience counts!

Good to know

Meeting Point: Interlaken Ost railway station
Or we can meet at the location if you have a rental car.

You might like to take the local bus to the location if it’s a surprise engagement. Your hotel should give you a “Guest Card”. This gives you free travel on the local bus (for example to Iseltwald). Plus discount in some shops. It is possible top get a “Day Ticket” or “Tageskarte” from the bus driver if you are unable to get an Interlaken Guest card. This will allow you to use the bus service all day.

Travelling around Interlaken. More information here