Photographer for an engagement photo shoot in the Swiss Alps. Or we can visit a lake or castle ruins near Interlaken. I have a lot of experience with surprise engagements.


Here are a couple of ideas

♥ We can meet at the location. I am unknown to your girlfriend. I’m just another tourist taking pictures. I keep my distance until it is time for you to propose. Unfortunately, I have no control over the situation. You could be standing in the wrong place. The sun might be casting shadows on to her face. People could be walking past. One idea to give me some control is to suggest to your girlfriend that you ask “that man over there” (me) to take a picture of you both with your camera. I can position you both better with the sun and mountains in the background.

♥ Ask your girlfriend to marry you during a couple’s photo shoot / sightseeing tour. We can visit one or more locations depending on your budget. You can give me a signal when you are ready to propose marriage. We travel around using my car.

TIP: Ask your girlfriend to put on some makeup. She will hate sharing pictures with family and friends if she has no mascara on her face and wearing old clothes.

I can offer a one location “meet you there” for as little as CHF. 190.- ($190.-). The price includes about 100 images to chose from on your free web gallery. Post editing. No hidden costs.

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