Surprise Engagement

I have a lot of experience when it comes to photographing a surprise engagement. Every marriage proposal is different.

I think it is important to keep it simple*. We might have to change the location at the last minute because of the weather.

A proposal can happen whilst sightseeing, hiking or on a return trip from the Jungfraujoch.

*I don’t organize flowers, music or sprinkle rose petals on the ground.

I don’t give you the “best 50 pictures”. I will give you ALL the good pictures. (At least 300 images.)

Your images will be uploaded to your pin protected web gallery. You can download one or all the pictures in a zip file. Nothing extra to pay for the web gallery or downloading your images. Unlimited downloads.

Your web gallery is online for 6 weeks. Then the pictures will disappear but the link will remain. I will have made 2 backups and can easily upload the pictures again.

Usually I will edit the first 50 pictures and upload them to your web gallery on the same day as the photo shoot. It depends upon the time we get finished.

I have written some marriage proposal ideas below.

Meet at the location in or near Interlaken

We will be in contact using WhatsApp. I will exchange numbers 12 hours before the event.

I am unknown to your girlfriend. I’m just another tourist taking pictures. I keep my distance until it is time for you to propose.

Unfortunately, I have little control over the situation. You might be standing in the wrong place or the background is not spectacular. The sun might be casting shadows on to her face or people could be walking past.

Which is why a proposal during a photo shoot is a good idea. (See below.)

Propose during a photo shoot / guided tour

This is the best way in my opinion. Propose to your girlfriend at the beginning of the photo shoot after I have set up my equipment.

I will need to use a small studio light to brighten you up. This will look suspicious when your girlfriend does not know about me.

You can give your girlfriend a photo shoot as a birthday present. Or as an anniversary present.

She will wear nice clothes and put on some make up.

I will distract her pointing to somewhere in the distance whilst you go to your backpack for the ring.


Often the weather is not as bad as it is predicted. It might seem “last minute” but it is best to wait until the evening before the event. I can check the TV weather forecast at 8 p.m. Also the animation feature on my weather app.

Don’t rely on Google or Apple for the weather forecast. Here is a link to the Swiss government weather service:

Please remember that we have high mountains and lakes filled with ice cold water. It creates local regional weather. Clouds can be created at sunrise when the sun hits the cold water in the lakes.

The sun can be a challenge. You will have to keep your girlfriend’s back to the sun (if possible). Try and get her facing in the direction of my camera to capture the expression on her face.

Nobody wants a photo shoot on a rainy day. However, these days produce a lovely, soft light for the pictures.

Prices and locations
Please remember to bring some money with you!

Here is the link to my contact form