Wedding in Switzerland

Documents required:

Here is some interesting information from the magazine “Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Abroad” which I would like to share with you.

Marriage Licence
Birth Certificate (Copy – not older than 6 months*)
Decree absolute (if divorced)
Death certificate (if widowed)
Adoption certificate (if applicable)
Deed poll (if applicable)

(DWHA might might have missed out a few documents or there might be new ones added or deleted. Check with the authorities for the latest information.)

More Info

Swiss Residency: Not necessary.
Waiting Period: Up to 4 months.
Medical Vaccinations: None required.
Age requirement: 17 (women), 18 (men).
Same Sex Marriage: A registered partnership is available.
Swiss Embassy / Consulate in the United Kingdom: 0047 (0)20 7616 6000.
Tourist Information:

Application for preparatory procedure for marriage must be completed in person and presented to the competent office (The Registry Office). The “competent office” or Registry Office (“Zivilstandsamt”) is not open at the weekends. Many people have a civil wedding on Friday with a few friends and a blessing in a church or other location on a Saturday.

*All documents of civil status must be no older than 6 months. Which means that if you get copies of the above documents from the relevant government departments, then they shall not be more than six months old.

Documents submitted directly to the competent office of civil status in Switzerland may need to be legalized and translated into German, French or Italian. (Every Swiss Canton will have it’s rules on whether a translation is necessary or not. It’s a good idea to get married in a large town like Interlaken who deal with a couple of hundred international weddings each year.

Read more on Marriage in Switzerland of Foreigners in English on this Swiss Government website →

Here’s a link to getting married in Switzerland from the US Embassy in Bern (English) →

Wedding in SWitzerland
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Use this information as a guideline. Contact the relevant departments for the latest information.