Engagement Lauterbrunnen Valley

Photographer for a surprise marriage proposal in the rain overlooking Lauterbrunnen Valley. A lovely couple from Boston who were staying in a hotel in Wengen. We timed it to perfection. They were walking down the trail from Wengen as my train arrived at the stop. They followed me down the trail giving me some distance.

If I have time, I will mount my iPhone on top of my camera and video the proposal. The couple will get a copy of the unedited video at the end of the photo shoot together with any other videos. I cannot guarantee that I will make a video each time. Sometimes the couples arrive shortly afterward me and I have no time.

The locations are on private property. I know the farmers and i have met the people who own the houses. Someday, someone is going to mess it up for everyone. Fences will appear. I refer to that location in Lauterbrunnen with the view of the church, waterfall and valley. The fences have not always been there. Or the sign about not flying drones.

Hi John, The photos all look amazing, thank you again so much!! Working with you through this whole experience was terrific – your guidance and expertise throughout the whole process was greatly appreciated. We had a lot of fun during the shoot and cannot thank you enough – Sam & Emma

I gave them 544 pictures to download.

The weather conditions have their effect on the daylight. Bright, sunny days create harsh light and shadows everywhere. Sometimes, I have had to wait a few minutes for a cloud to pass over and block the sun.

You can travel as far as Wengen if you have a Swiss Pass. There is nothing extra to pay to use the train from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen.

We are experiencing some extreme weather in the Interlaken region. Once again, I will remind you not to take the weather forecast from Apple, Google etc. as correct for Lauterbrunnen. I use an app from MeteoSwiss which shows a 24 hour weather animation. Here is a link to their website in English.

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Engagement Lauterbrunnen Valley
A photo shoot after a surprise engagement in the Swiss mountains.
Engagement Lauterbrunnen Valley
Newly engaged couple enjoy photo shoot after a surprise marriage proposal in the Swiss mountains. Dark rain clouds everywhere. There is a break in the cloud and sun shines on Sam’s face.