Before Wedding Photo Shoot

Pre wedding photo shoot with Brenna and Jack from Utah, USA. The location was in the Swiss Alps above Grindelwald.

After the photo shoot, the couple returned to their hotel to be married! They had a pastor in Utah, online. He was waiting to marry them watched by 50 plus friends (online).

We nearly didn’t make it! The Grindelwald-First cable car was out of action for 30 minutes and we were stranded on top of the mountain. ❤️❤️❤️

The Weather

The weather forecast was stormy for the afternoon. Rain, thunder and lightning. It didn’t happen! The storm arrived around 6 pm. The weather forecast for the day afterwards was worse! However, we had a lovely warm day with a few clouds in the sky.

It is very difficult to predict the weather in the Jungfrau region because of the high mountains and lakes.

We have to wait until a day before the photo shoot to finalize details. It is a waste of my valuable time doing it before because the weather is unpredictable a lot of the time.

Pre Wedding photo shoot. More information here

Before Wedding Photo Shoot
Before Wedding Photo Shoot on Grindelwald First a mini mountain summit.

Photographer Grindelwald
Photographer John Wisdom, Grindelwald Switzerland
Before Wedding Photo Shoot
Photographer for a Before The Wedding photo shoot in Grindelwald, Switzerland.
Before Wedding Photo Shoot
Photographer for a Before The Wedding Photo shoot on Grindelwald First, Switzerland.