Engagement in Lauterbrunnen

Zuriel proposes to Georgia in a very popular location in Lauterbrunnen. It’s a cold day in December with snow on the ground. It’s snowing a little! The view of the valley is covered in cloud. But that doesn’t worry this happy couple from the USA.

I used this location a lot in the old days. It has become more popular and it is normal to stand in line and wait these days. The fence on the right side of the pictures was not there a few years ago. Now there are signs about not using a drone because of the nearby helicopter base.

I would not recommend for a quiet proposal in the middle of the day. You will have to get there around 8 am. It’s can be dark because the sun doesn’t come over the top of the mountains  that early. Lauterbrunnen is in a valley sandwiched by high mountains.

I will recommend this location as a good alternative when the visibility is poor and the engagement must go ahead.

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Lucky with no tourists around because of the bad weather. You can’t see the waterfall in the clouds. I really hate the oblong building above Zuriel’s head. I position him to block it with his body on the pictures below. (Experience counts!)

In this picture you can see the legs of the people waiting to come up the path. Usually I will Photoshop them out with the couple down by the road. That takes more time when editing the pictures.
The fence on the right wasn’t there a few years ago. I can blur the background a little and will do so if I have the time.