Iseltwald Photo Shoot on a Sunny Day

Photographer for a surprise engagement on the Iseltwald pier. Ron asks Michelle to marry him. It’s the middle of the day and 30 degrees centigrade. The coolest spot must be on the pier. It’s a surprise and there is nothing I can do about the shadows on their faces. Ron remembered to keep Michelle’s back to the sun.

I have a better control of the situation afterwards when we go to my other locations in Iseltwald.

The sun reflects of the lake and the wood on the pier. The gravel on the road. The green grass in the park. It’s another challenge on a sunny day when there isn’t a cloud in the sky to filter the sunshine.

Earlier in the week I was a photographer in Zermatt. Similar situation on top of the mountain. The sun was low in the sky and it was a challenge. Shining in the faces of the couple who wanted the Matterhorn mountain behind them.

It looks like the turnstile at Iseltwald pier has solved the problem of the long queues to use the pier for a selfie. We arrived before lunch on a Saturday morning and there was only one couple on the pier. Nobody swimming from the pier or laying on the pier sunbathing.

Hey John, beautiful work. Thank you again. – Ron and Michelle

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Iseltwald Photo Shoot on a Sunny Day
Couples photo shoot in Iseltwald, Switzerland with Interlaken photographer John Wisdom. Romantic couples photo shoot close to Interlaken, Switzerland. Photo shoot by Lake Brienz or Brienzersee. Photographer Iseltwald