Last Minute Change Of Location in Grindelwald

All the planning had been for a photo shoot on Grindelwald First. On the day, the location was covered in cloud. Jessie thought it was a couples photo shoot. Unaware that Ming was planning to propose marriage.

I arranged to meet Jessie and Ming at the Grindelwald to First gondola station. It looked hopeful. The TV screen showed blue skies on Grindelwald First above a layer of low cloud. However, this was an old picture. Not the live web cam feed.

Jessie and Ming were well aware of visiting a mountain peak in low cloud. They had done it the day before on Mount Pilateus. Visibility was zero. They couldn’t see anything.

I suggested a visit to Lauterbrunnen. Situated in a valley, it’s always a good backup location. I took them to a viewpoint where we took some fun pictures.

The location is not public. It is owned by a farmer. We have got to know each other other the years!

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A change of location from Grindelwald to Lauterbrunnen
Change Of Location in Grindelwald
Surprise marriage proposal during a photo shoot in Lauterbrunnen
Change Of Location in Grindelwald
Lauterbrunnen photographer John Wisdom. Engagements, Elopements, Wedding pictures in Switzerland
Change Of Location in Grindelwald
Couples photo shoot in the mountains overlooking Lauterbrunnen