Marriage Proposal in Lauterbrunnen

David proposed to Paige in the Swiss Alps in the middle of November. The weather behaved itself and everything went according to plan. I have done a lot of engagements and will usually anticipate any problems in advance.

The weather can be hard to predict in the mountains. Lauterbrunnen is in a valley created by a glacier and it is possible to switch the location at the last minute.

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A surprise engagement with a spectacular background. It’s not always like this! Sometimes there is a lot of cloud hanging around or it’s raining!
Lauterbrunnen Photographer John Wisdom
Photo shoot in Lauterbrunnen with photographer John Wisdom. Spectacular locations for engagements, before and after wedding photo shoots. Wedding anniversary photo shoot. Family photo shoot in Lauterbrunnen or Wengen
Marriage Proposal in Lauterbrunnen
Best time to take a picture. It’s a challenge in November when it is sunny. The sun is low and creating shadows everywhere.