Surprise engagement in Interlaken

A surprise marriage proposal on the first really warm day in Interlaken that brought out a few sunbathers to the location.

Bill and Emily had arrived in Interlaken during the afternoon. They headed for the location after checking in to their hotel.

There is an “Interlaken Guest Card” from the hotel which gives visitors free travel on the local bus service. They took the bus to the location by Lake Thunersee.

Emily had no idea of what was going to happen. I met the couple at the bus stop. They followed me at a distance to the location. I was there earlier to check it out. On my return, the space was occupied by a couple sunbathing!

Fortunately I know the area and made a last minute decision. I made conversation with the sunbathers not telling them what was going to happen. They clapped after the surprise proposal and congratulated me on my work!

I had arranged with Bill that he will come over to me and ask me to take a picture of him and Emily. This gave me the opportunity to put them in the best spot with the Niesen mountain in the background.

Afterwards we went further a long the lake for a couples photo shoot.

Thank you so much for the photos, they really look amazing! And thank you so much for your help! – Billy

An alternative location in Interlaken is the Harder Kulm.

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Surprise engagement in Interlaken
Extra equipment is required when the late afternoon sun is shining is back at you and you want to capture Niesen mountain in the background.