Surprise engagement in Lauterbrunnen

We was watching the weather very carefully for this surprise marriage proposal. Monitoring it on my weather app.

I have a weather animator which shows me the weather pattern over the next 12 hours. It can never give me an accurate picture of Lauterbrunnen because this Swiss alpine resort is surrounded by mountains. But it will give me an idea. It showed that the morning would be okay. Not perfect but okay.

Afterwards we went down to Lauterbrunnen and took some pictures at a popular viewpoint. It’s no good for anyone wanting a quiet proposal. See the video on Instagram and don’t forget to follw me:

Please remember that different weather conditions and locations will create different skin tones. Light bounces off the grass or the black asphalt roads. Bright sunshine or cloudy weather. Which is why people recommend the “golden hour”.

It was raining on this day until we went to Lauterbrunnen.

We can visit one location in the mountains then travel down to Lauterbunnen when the weather is not so good. This location is very popular. Not good for anyone wanting a quiet proposal unless its a very early proposal.

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Lauterbrunnen engagement
Switzerland photographer for your Lauterbrunnen proposal. A surprise engagement in the Swiss Alps.