Couple photoshoot in Iseltwald

Photographer for a couples photo shoot in Iseltwald in October 2023. With winter approaching, sunrise is later. The sun’s trajectory across the sky is lower. Iseltwald is waking up at 8 a.m. when I met the couple by the Iseltwald pier. The pier made famous in “Crash Landing On You

There was one other couple there. They had just finished taking selfies on the pier.

We chose the best time for the photo shoot. We finished 15 minutes later as a tourist bus arrived. Shortly afterwards, the regular bus service arrived from Interlaken. Suddenly we were surrounded by 50+ tourists bumping in to me and my equipment. We quickly moved on to our next location.

How to save money when traveling around Switzerland.

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Couple photoshoot in Iseltwald
Couples photo shoot in Iseltwald. The sun is hitting the other side of the lake. It’s still dark in Iseltwald.

Couple photoshoot in Iseltwald
It’s still dark in Iseltwald which has its effect on the pictures.