Marriage Proposal on Iseltwald Pier

Andrew surprised Heidi with a marriage proposal on Iseltwald Pier in September. They arrived in Iseltwald on the bus from Interlaken. Andrew and Heidi walked directly to the pier ahead of the other bus passengers. There was a queue of people waiting to get on the pier. We had to wait about 25 minutes.

Finally they were the next in line. They paid their CHF. 5.- at the turnstile and another tourist used their iPhone to take pictures. I secretly took pictures with my second camera (Nikon D850). My first camera (also a Nikon D850) was on automatic taking pictures every 2 seconds. On top of this camera was my iPhone making a video.

The tourist taking the pictures did get in my pictures. There was nothing I could do because it was a surprise engagement. Andrew did ask her to stand back a little. But she edged forward until Andrew went into proposal mode. I shouted at her to get out of the picture whilst Heidi was concentrated on what Andrew was saying and doing. It worked!

We are just now getting the chance to go through all the photos. Thank you so much! You blew away my expectations and the photos are excellent. Heidi was absolutely thrilled. You made a what could have been a stressful surprise proposal into a fun and perfectly executed plan. Im so happy the weather cooperated. Thank you again – Andrew

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Marriage Proposal on Iseltwald Pier
Photographer for a Surprise engagement on the pier featured in the Netflix TV series “Crash Landing On You“. A marriage proposal photographed by Interlaken photographer John Wisdom