Proposal in Iseltwald

Daniel proposed marriage to Abigail on Iseltwald Pier on Lake Brienz in May 2024.

He said he would be there between 8 am and 9 am. I was planning on them taking the bus from Interlaken that arrived at 8.25 am. They were not on the bus.

I received an e-mail and I had to wait another hour!

I received some nice comments from tourists like “nice equipment” or “nice lens” as they passed me. I use Nikon cameras and lenses. I have a Sony A7c as a backup camera.

There was only a handful of tourists at the pier at 8.30 am.

Two buses full of tourists arrived at 8.40 am and the location was very busy.  They had to join the queque to use the pier.

The location has become a tourist hotspot after the pier was used in the Netflix TV series “Crash Landing On You!

It costs CHF. 5.- to use the pier. People will take their time when taking selfies on Iseltwald Pier.

Now you must pay to stand on the Iseltwald Pier – read more here

I took them to other locations that were not busy. One of my favorite locations now has a boat moored between us and the castle. Another location has red tape around the trees to keep people off the grass. It doesn’t get any easier!

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Wedding proposal in Iseltwald
There are a lot of flowers and high grass in May month.