Surprise Engagement in Iseltwald

Photographer for an early Sunday morning engagement by Lake Brienz (Brienzersee). In the picturesque village of Iseltwald. Somehow I managed to get out of bed and make it to the location.

Maggie is a big fan of “Crash Landing On You.” Part of it was filmed on Iseltwald jetty.

An early morning photo shoot at this location is perfect. Before the tourists invade the area. Before the strong early morning sunshine hits the pier. There was a boat moored by the pier when I arrived and set up my camera on the tripod. It was still there when Maggie and Martin arrived by bus from Interlaken. Suddenly a man appeared from one of the houses and moved it. I have done a lot of photo shoots on the pier. The local residents must have guessed what was going to happen.

These are lovely – thanks so much, John! – Maggie

The pier or jetty is not the only place we visit on the photo shoot in Iseltwald. There are 2 other locations that we visit during out time together.

Unsolicited review by Maggie on Google with 5 star rating:

My partner worked with John Wisdom to coordinate a proposal photoshoot at the Iseltwald Pier this past month, and we had a great experience! The final photos were lovely, and John was very easy to communicate with leading up to the day. We also appreciate that he woke up quite early on a Sunday morning to help us beat the crowd, and he edited the photos extremely quickly.

I saw another reviewer mention as a negative that John provided too many similar photos to choose from, rather than a curated subset, which seems like a silly complaint. There’s a lot of variation in aesthetic preferences, so it was great to be able to pick exactly the pictures we wanted based on slight differences in facial expression, framing, lighting, etc.

Overall, John was was fantastic to work with (gave us a lot of good posing direction, stayed to capture extra photos when lighting conditions changed), and his prices are very reasonable. Would definitely recommend his photography services!

Thanks so much for making our trip memorable, John!

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Surprise Engagement in Iseltwald