Surprise Proposal In Iseltwald

Matt goes down on one knee and proposes to Anh on Iseltwald Pier one hour later than planned. They missed the bus from Interlaken.

I was all alone at 8.30 am when they should have arrived. Ten minutes later, two tourist buses arrived and flooded the area with over 100 people. The queue to use the pier had almost disappeared by the time Matt and Ahn got to the pier. Only a 10 minute wait. They were lucky! People were arriving all the time. Another 3 tourist buses arrived 15 minutes later. This is in the middle of November 2023 which is suppose to be the low season.

Matt is showing you in these pictures how to do a surprise proposal. Basically point into the distance. Your girlfriend looks in that direction. You go down on one knee and hold the ring in your hand. She turns back to look at you. Surprise!

My equipment: Nikon D850 with a 24-70 lens. This was taking pictures every 2 seconds.

I was holding my second Nikon D850 with a 70 – 200 lens taking close up pictures as Matt proposed.

I also had my iPhone 15 on a tripod filming the event for the client’s social media posts.

Sony A7c with a 24-70 lens filming the event in s-log.


Surprise Proposal in Iseltwald
How to surprise your girlfriend with a proposal.
Photographer for a surprise engagement on Iseltwald Pier.
There were a few people in the queue to use the pier looking on. Suddenly everything goes quiet! The onlookers cheer and clap as the couple hug.