Professional Interlaken Photographer

I’m a British photographer living near Interlaken, Switzerland. Living in the spectacular Jungfrau region. I have lived and worked in the area over 20 years. I have become very experienced with engagements, weddings, elopements, etc. I like to be creative and customer satisfaction is my priority.

Interlaken Photographer
I’m a friendly and relaxed person. Definitely not a 9 to 5 person. My couples photo sessions are unique and an enjoyable experience. We also do some sightseeing. When time permits, a visit to a Swiss café in a mountain village.

Why are my prices lower? It’s because I like to keep busy. I want to be shooting regularly to be a more proficient photographer. Everyday is different. The weather conditions, position of the sun, clients requests, etc.

I’m passionate about my photography. I know what I like but don’t know what you expect from the photo shoot. I will encourage you to get involved by showing you the pictures. Your feedback will give me ideas. Our short time together will be a success.

I enjoy meeting and working with people from around the world. I also enjoy new challenges. I am flexible. Changing the day or location at the last minute because of the weather. The weather conditions can change quickly in the mountains.

I have many interesting locations in the Interlaken region. Lakes, rivers, castle ruins and the Swiss Alps. I am an Interlaken photographer who is passionate landscape photography. I’m always hiking in my free time discovering new locations.

I am available to work anywhere in Switzerland. Or countries like Italy (Venice, Tuscany) England or Norway.

“It’s good to remember that while having good gear is really important the biggest differentiator in creating good and bad photography is the person behind the camera.” Jamie Windsor.

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