A photo shoot on the Schynige Platte (elevation 2,076 m) for the same price as one location.

This is a spectacular region close to Interlaken, Switzerland where I work as a photographer. You can take the train from Wilderswil up the mountain to the Schynige Platte railway station. The journey up and down the mountain takes an hour with spectacular views on the way. Remember to pull down the window in the carriage before taking pictures.

The Jungfrau Travel Pass for 3 – 8 days will allow you to visit all of the Jungfrau Region and save you money. It’s a great deal. REMEMBER that most of the cable cars, trains etc operate on various months during the summer season. Check the websites and ask at the tourist office about what areas are open or closed.


Schynige Platte Offer
The view from the train with Lake Thun in the distance.
Schynige Platte view
The train makes it’s way up the mountain towards the Schynige Platte
Schynige Platte Offer
Gummihorn as seen from Daube on the Schynige Platte
Gumihorn mountain
Gumihorn Mountain on the Schynige Platte. Elevation 2,099 m,
Schynige Platte Offer
Spectacular views on the Schynige Platte
Schynige Platte Offer 1
Spectacular views on the Schynige Platte
Schynige Platte Offer
The Alpine Garden (Alpengarten) on the Schynige Platte is worth a visit.
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